miralytik.hospital®: New features in the dashboard for steering length of hospital stay

July 2020
We constantly improve our dashboards to provide our customers and consultants with even smarter tools and to integrate their feedback. In our current update, we have added further benchmarks, additional explanations on KPIs and further information in the mouse-over boxes. The changes are automatically activated.

Steering the length of hospital stay is one of the central elements of optimizing clinical processes. However, this optimization is far more than simply shortening the length of stay. Such an approach often leads to unnecessary short stays with corresponding reductions in reimbursement. Differentiated controlling offers the possibility of designing an optimal treatment process for both patients and service providers.

In order to achieve a controlling that is appropriate, medically reasonable and detailed, our dashboard for steering length of hospital stay has been part of miralytik.hospital® from the very first minute. Specific KPIs help to quickly identify discrepancies and subject them to critical monitoring.


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