miralytik.hospital®: New features in the dashboards for steering medical supply consumption

June 2020
Several new features in our business intelligence tool miralytik.hospital® allow comprehensive evaluation of both supply management and financial accounting. Thereby we provide clinics with the smartest controlling instrument: cross-over insight that previously was costly and time-consuming to get.

Medical supply costs are rising by up to 4.6% annually (Destatis). There are many reasons for this: in addition to increased consumption of disposables or a replacement of products with a higher price, the increase in performance itself may also be responsible for this.
Therefore, a smart controlling needs to look at the corresponding revenues including the supplementary fees (Zusatzentgelte) in addition to supply management. miralytik.hospital® has always made this comparison possible. Now, for improved control, the key figures Casemixpunkte Gesamt and Casemixpunkte des Sachbedarfs are set in relation to the expenses and can also be shown in the temporal course. 
With a multi-layered sorting function our dashboards show the medical products analogous to the DRG matrix. The extensive filter function makes it possible, for example, to provide cross-departmental evaluation for individual cost types or to quickly identify cost increases at specific points. This is not only possible for the entire hospital, but also for each individual clinic.

Dynamic profit and loss accounting

A new and unique feature in these dashboards is the comparison of financial accounting data with supply management data and the clear presentation of deviations. Often individual items, such as external laboratory costs or expenses for external personnel, are not recorded in the supply management system but in the financial accounting. By juxtaposing the two different systems, these items can now also be taken into consideration in the dialogue with the stakeholders.
In addition, the entire profit and loss account data is displayed in the dashboard to authorized users. With miralytik's unique way of displaying the deviations, changes in the profit and loss account are visible at a glance. This allows an uncomplicated monitoring.


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