miralytik.hospital®: New dashboard for steering the „Covid-Exit”

July 2020
The peak of the first wave of COVID-19 in Germany seems to be over and hospitals are trying to gradually resume regular operations. To manage this transition in a structured manner, we have developed a dashboard that supports our customers step by step on the way to a new normal: Regular operations with a strong back up for a possible second wave of the pandemic.

With extensive filter options, users can define groups which they provide elective services for. Alternatively, they could use our predefined groups and immediately see how many patients with which ICD/DRG can be sensibly admitted to which departments and which resources should be reserved for them.

A separate display of the daily revenue (adjusted for medical supply requirement) allows a comparison to the standard reimbursement for reserving hospital beds for potential patients suffering from COVID-19-disease. Additionally, the effects of an optimized length of stay can be simulated, thus taking advantage of the opportunity to optimize processes right now in a step-by-step increase of elective treatments.

Aside from dealing with the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dashboard offers a very differentiated view of the hospital’s portfolio, provides a very helpful basis for strategic considerations, and puts individual departments in a completely new light.

We activate this dashboard for our costumers upon request, including a short introduction and presentation of options and values.


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