miralytik.hospital®: New dashboard on market and demographics

July 2020
How will the number of cases develop in the coming years? In which service groups is an increased need for care? Where is already an oversupply? These and other questions are answered in the new module "Strategy" in our tool miralytik.hospital®.

The market dashboard allows an analysis of a hospital’s spectrum of cases in comparison to regional competitors. It is based on the data provided according to the German Hospital Remuneration Act (§ 21 KHEntgG). A geocoding algorithm specifically developed by miralytik assigns the cases to the relevant districts and presents them in medically meaningful groups.

Knowledge about the provenance of the patients and the relevance of a specific district is corroborated with the calculated market share based on the DRG statistics of the Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt). In addition, the dashboard provides a forecast of case numbers and shows growth potential, based on the population forecast of the statistical offices.

The market dashboard provides a comprehensive spatial and temporal analysis of a hospital’s spectrum of cases in comparison to its regional competitors. Specific actions to fulfil the public health care mandate can be identified within minutes. Long-term strategic measures can be derived.


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