About miralytik

miralytik stands for thinking outside the box, developing modern consulting concepts and a customer-oriented approach of high-end business intelligence tools for the healthcare sector.

Our goal is to foster cooperation and synergies. We aim to solve complex tasks by extracting knowledge that is concealed within the ever-growing cloud of data.

We are convinced that transparency, knowledge, and communication between stakeholders from various subsectors within the healthcare sector represent the potential for significant enhancement to both the quality of patient care and employee well-being.

We are a diverse team of specialists and visionaries. The pillars of our team spirit revolve around mutual respect, open communication, enthusiasm, and mutual support. We share an efficient and empowering philosophy and set up working conditions that allow our talents and potentials to be fulfilled.

The team miralytik

  • Dr. med. Sebastian Fenger
    Founder & CEO
    Profession: Physician & Consultant
    Task: Strategy, consulting, knowledge
    Talent: Bringing visions to life
  • Dr. med. Tobias Möller
    Project Leader
    Profession: Physician & Consultant
    Task: Moderation, consulting, strategy
    Talent: Merging medicine and economics
  • Gunnar Rohnstock
    Data Architect

    Profession: Industrial Engineer and Manager
    Task: Tool development,

    data architecture, automation
    Talent: Bringing structure and order to everything

  • Anja Nitschke
    Project Management & Communications
    Profession: Historian
    Task: Communication, process
    organization, perfection
    Talent: X-ray vision into quality and style
  • Clara Blümm
    Data Analyst
    Profession: IT Business Engineer
    Aufgabe: Data modelling, data engineering
    Talent: Solving problems before they arise
  • Peter Werber
    Consultant & Data Analyst

    Profession: Bachelor Professional

    of Health and Social Services (CCI)
    Task: Analysis and consulting:

    medical supply and financial accounting
    Talent: Cost center juggler & pragmatician

  • Wilhelm Korrengk
    Data Scientist
    Profession: Physicist
    Task: Algorithms, statistics, 
    web and tool development
    Talent: Always thinking two steps ahead
  • Dr. Mareike Clos
    Data Scientist

    Profession: Neuroscientist & Psychologist
    Task: Statistics, data engineering, tool development
    Talent: Simultaneous interpreting from theory to practice and back

  • Aleksej Logacjov
    Working student
    Profession: Computer Scientist
    Task: Software development, data conversion
    Talent: Fluent in Robotics
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