Managing Intensive Care Capacities during Corona Virus Pandemic for COVID management is deactivated since March, 15th 2023

Cooperation and networking – essential information during the Covid-19 pandemic and afterwards

The rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has created unforeseen challenges for the healthcare sector. The successful care and treatment of serious cases of the SARS-CoV-2 disease is highly dependent on the availability of ICU beds. It is crucial for emergency services, clinic and ICU managers to know what capacities are available at what time and at which location. Interregional cooperation and real-time monitoring enables hospitals to react quickly to the ever-changing challenges of the global pandemic.

This is why we developed the online tool, which offers an intuitive and sleek user interface, clearly displaying all the important information as well as real-time management of the available and potential resources. It was launched online on 18 March 2020 and is free of charge for hospitals and outpatient intensive care homes, so that they could start immediately to register and utilize the tool. is exclusive to hospitals, emergency task forces and authorities. Medical professionals from various specialties, ICU and ER physicians, hospital managers, web developers and database specialists teamed up to design a tool that facilitates transparency and effortless management, both at a regional and an interregional capacity.

  • How many ICU beds are currently occupied by Covid-19 patients (real-time), how many are available and where are they located?
  • How many ICU beds are unavailable and for what reason (shortage of physicians/nurses/equipment)?
  • How many beds could potentially be made available and what steps need to be undertaken to do so?
  • Where have capacities been exhausted and where can temporary capacities be created?
  • Where is the nearest available ICU bed for a child or an adult who requires ventilation?
  • Is there currently enough medical equipment (protective clothing, masks, medication) and when is the next delivery scheduled?

We integrated epidemiological data generated by the Robert Koch Institute into an additional analysis dashboard that provides an early-warning model for the prospective development of the Covid-19 pandemic in Germany. is readily accessible (initial registration and verification is required), making it easy to register data and display information almost immediately. No patient or employee data is collected and the tool fully complies with data protection requirements.

Thinking to a time beyond the pandemic, will continue to offer sustainable values in order to help manage and monitor ICU capacities more easily and transparently.