Taking the simple step into the future hospital management

The implementation of our management tool miralytik.hospital® is easy, quick and uncomplicated. We start off by doing a complete quality check of your data to make sure it can be implemented into the full range of functions. Immediately after the approval all information previously analyzed becomes available online. Personal accounts protected by logins reveal a hospital’s status via a secure internet connection to our certified server. Long-term use of our services includes regular data updates and support for data quality enhancement.

We develop individual authorization concepts in close cooperation with our clients, in order to provide differentiated access for specific user groups. The roll-out process can be carried out gradually and adapted if necessary.

Introductory Workshop 

Our implementation process includes an introductory workshop to provide knowledge and support for to our users. By means of our client’s real data set-up in the tool our consultants present the modules in detail and demonstrate the broad in-depth information organized into fields of action specific to our clients. The workshop represents an opportunity to discuss noticeable irregularities and compile solutions. Our philosophy of solving problems is showcased through specific findings and urgent tasks set to us by our clients. Our clients benefit from using miralytik.hospital and generate significant value for their hospital from day one.

Advanced Trainings and Coaching

Further advanced trainings for the tool as well as support regarding change processes, dialogue moderation and individual dashboard development are available upon request.

What can we do for you?
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